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Eden Prairie

Located in Hennepin County

Eden Prairie is a city 12 miles southwest of downtown Minneapolis in Hennepin County, and the 12th-largest city in the State of Minnesota. It is the 7th-largest suburb in the Twin Cities. With light rail coming. Boarded by the Minnesota River to the south. Eden Prairie has been one of Money magazine’s “Best Places to Live” in America since 2006; the city earned first place in the 2010 survey and second place in 2016. In 2017, eleven Eden Prairie students scored perfect ACT test scores.

POPULATION 2018: 64,334
SCHOOL DISTRICT: Eden Prairie (272) One High School- (9-12) One Middle School (6-8) Six.
Elementary Schools (K-5) 64.2% of adults have a college degree.
HOUSING: There are 24,582 homes and apartments in Eden Prairie. The median home value in 2020 is $372,755. 72.8% of homes are owner-occupied. 54% of homes are single-family homes. 74.3% of homes were built between 1970 – 1999 Median household income $106,555